“Data is life” was the slogan of a popular telecommunication company. Data to organizations play the function of blood in the nervous system.

To information technology, data is the pillar. Every organization, no matter how small, is dealing with data on a daily basis and this data comes from different sources that when properly analyzed, can generate insights for informed decisions.

Many business executives make decisions on a daily basis that are not based on data and that’s why some of these decisions fail. Take for instance a retail business doing very well in one location based on sales tractions suddenly decides to open a branch office in another location. The question is, why this decision? The fact that there is an upsurge of sales and revenue in the current location does not guarantee success in another location except this decision is based on data.

What value does data analysis offer to organizations?

In every data, there are insights. These insights can only be uncovered if data is used to tell a compelling story. When data is properly analyzed, it can be used to create reports and dashboards that show values for informed decisions. Below are some of the values that organizations can get from data analysis:

  1. Data analysis helps you to understand your customer better.

  2. Data analysis can unlock hidden insights in data for informed decisions.

  3. Data analysis helps you find solutions to your business problems.

  4. Data analysis helps to track inventory, products, and sales in a retail business.

  5. Data analysis helps for effective marketing.

Data is everywhere but unfortunately, most organizations don’t know how to make use of this data hence the upsurge in demand for professional data analysts. At Bariansystems, we offer professional, practical, and project-based data analysis training for individuals and organizations.