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Data Analysis with Power BI

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Data analysis with Power BI

Course Description

Data analysis helps organizations big and small to gain quick insight into data for informed decisions. With a huge amount of data that is generated on a daily basis, organizations are constantly looking for an experienced data analyst that can help them create dashboards that speak insight.

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Know the ETL process concept in Data warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Know how to work with Power BI for data analysis.
  • Know how to work with Measures, Visualizations, and Dashboards
  • Learn how to work with various visualizations in Power BI
  • Know the Power BI ecosystems
  • Know how to clean and transform data in Power BI
  • Know-how to model data with practical data.

Course Content: Module 1:
Data analysis fundamentals with Power BI

  1. What data analysis is and how it is different from data science
  2. Types of data and Analytics
  3. Understanding Power BI ecosystems
  4. Understanding the Power BI ETL process
  5. Understanding Power BI environment
  6. Connecting to Data Source (Get Data)
  7. Explaining the different data sources
  8. What is the Query Editor or Power Query?
  9. Connecting Power BI Desktop to Data Sources

Course Content: Module 2:
Data Transformation, Power Query, and DAX

  1. How to get data into Power BI – Knowing whether to Load or Transform
  2. Formatting data (changing data types)
  3. Formatting data (removing nullability)
  4. Formatting data (Changing columns)
  5. Understanding facts and dimensions table
  6. How to create a relationship
  7. Understanding the different types of relationships – one-one, one-many, and many-many relationship
  8. Understanding calculated fields
  9. How to create measures
  10. How to organize measures in a table
  11. How to work with sum, sumx, count, countrows, min, max, and divide function
  12. How to Pivot and Unpivot data column
  13. How to work with time Intelligence (creating date tables)

Module 3:
Data Visualizations  with charts

  1. How to work with Cards
  2. How to work with Pie Chart
  3. How to work with a Stacked Bar Chart
  4. How to work with matrix table
  5. How to work with the bar chart
  6. How to decide which chart to use for your visuals
  7. How to work with slicers
  8. How to format visual
  9. How to work with clustered charts

Module 4:

The capstone project, creating a dashboard

  1. How to prepare your dashboard
  2. How to create a dashboard
  3. How to design a dashboard by adding images and login
  4. How to publish your dashboard
  5. Publishing dashboard (from Power BI Desktop to Power BI service for consumption)
  6. Understanding the concept of Workspaces


Day 1

The activities for day 1 will include;

  1. Registration of participants with their training materials.
  2. The class starts with module 1 which is Data analysis fundamentals with Power BI
  3. Tea break
  4. Continuation of class
  5. Lunch and closing session

Day 2

The class continues with its activities as follows;

  1. A recap on the previous class
  2. Module 2 is Data Transformation, Power Query, and DAX
  3. Tea break
  4. Continuation of class
  5. Lunch and closing session

Day 3

The class continues with its activities as seen below;

  1. Recap on a previous class
  2. Data Visualizations  with charts
  3. Tea break
  4. Continuation of class
  5. Lunch and closing session

Day 4

This is the final day of the training session. The activities are as follows;

  1. Recap of previous classes
  2. Capstone project, creating dashboard
  3. Tea break
  4. Continuation with hands-on lab training
  5. Lunch
  6. Handling of certificates to participants
  7. Closing session

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